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Hey, 2018: You’ll be a happy new year!

08.12.2017 Christmas Author krima & isa

From one holiday on to the next – after a contemplative Christmas, we celebrate the turn of the year with a rollicking party! Red-and-green Yuletide decorations make way for a touch of glamour, as our sparkly silver accessories get ready to shine. Happy New Year, 2018

Which way to the party? With the silver-embossed postcard saying “Happy 2018”, guests will soon be on the right track. For a stylish greeting at the door, the host can pin a chic 2018 button on each guest’s lapel. The turquoise-and-white diamonds beautifully complement the silver number, making our new treasures both festive and cheerful! Into the living room – how about an elegant champagne buffet? Our silver-grey and black balloons with “Happy New Year” lettering embellish tables and counters while setting impressive accents. Simply tie them to the champagne bucket with a matching ribbon, and your New Year’s Eve decoration is done! In Germany, delicious jam doughnuts (known as Berliner Pfannkuchen) are a traditional treat. Reach for our turquoise-striped napkins to quickly dab the powdered sugar from your lips, before puckering up at midnight for a New Year’s kiss. Any leftover doughnuts can be snuck into krima & isa gift bags and handed out as guests depart. Our resolution: Sending loving New Year’s greetings to the whole family, with our turquoise-striped “Happy New Year” postcard. See how the silver embossing sparkles? Recipients’ eyes will, too!

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